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Mouth Percussion-Quartett

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When drummers hang around with each other, there is always a lot to talk about:

gear, practice routines and of course other drummers. Which guy has a nice groove, who is the new drummer in band XY and how to bring single strokes and the

double kick to speed of light.

No question about it - drummers are great community with awesome girls and boys carrying the same fate. We are loading our cars with stuff equal to a move, we are responsible for time, we are the musical foundation and make the people dance, we know that our instrument looks best. 

We are aware that our throne is the mightiest one on earth.

We are Drum Community.


In this piece you can create all rhythms by verbalizing your favourite drummers and their names.


difficulty level: medium - heavy


duration: ca. 5:00 min.


Product scope:

score (24 pages - saddle stitching) and four single parts


Dimension: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm)